Relational Mastery Courses

Learn how to bring more JOY and SATISFACTION to your relationships while building HEALTHY and meaningful connections.


Relational Mastery Courses

Are you Relationally Healthy?  Do you experience joy, satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment while relating to others? Do you experience and feed your own self worth in relating to others?  Do you know how to evaluate your relational Health? 

If you answered NO to any of these questions, create the time in your life to begin now and bring greater relational health to all areas of your life! 

I provide you with the “how” that gives you the skills
to make a difference maintaining and improving your relational health.

Mary Pichette

Every workshop builds on the one preceding yet is complete unto itself. Interested students can choose the pace of taking Level 1, 2 and 3; or stopping after one or two.

“The skills I learned in Mary’s course have been trans-formative for me in deepening my relationship with myself, with others, and professionally!”

“I am wowed by her depth of life skills she’s honed, translated and now teaching about relational health.    Mary has a high level of self awareness and is able to impart her messages with integrity, respect for others, clarity, and humor.  She practices and models what she teaches and created an environment for me to explore the new skills and start my own process of being in healthy relationships.”

– Karen A.

Introduction to Healthy Relationships: Making the Connection

This 12-hour online course is a required pre-requisite to take any of the Relational Mastery programs (Levels 1 to 3).


Students will leave the Introductory Level with:

  • Increased awareness of yourself and how you affect others you relate to.
  • Skills in how to open, nurture and maintain health in all your relationships.
  • How to make choices that can change the quality and direction of any relationship.
  • Knowledge of how to evaluate the effect outside influences have on your various relationships.
  • Skills in understanding others as they relate, ensuring you are more effective in connecting with others.

Level 1: Introduction to Nurturing and Maintaining Relational Health

This is a 18-hour online training course.


In Level One, students leave their training (30 hours) knowing:

  • How to define a Relationship, discovering what role you play in creating misunderstandings as you are relating.
  • How to keep the various relationships in your life separate.
  • How to ask effective questions, leading to better understanding.
  • How to maintain yourself and achieve your own goals in relating.
  • Guidelines #1 for maintaining Relational Health.
  • How to close a relationship and leave with respect.

Level 2: Establish Equality and Balance in Your Relationships

This is a 18-hour online training course. Making the Connection AND Level One are pre-requisites.


In Level Two, students will learn the skills used to understand and enhance the dynamic of any relationship.

  • How to identify and label feelings, discovering creative and new responses to the challenges you encounter in maintaining relational health.
  • How to express your feelings appropriate to time and place.
  • Answer the question: Is this feeling related to NOW? Or a trigger/left over from past relationships?
  • How to feel and be, balanced & self-determined as part of sustaining your relational health.
  • How to know that you are understanding what is being expressed.
  • How to look after someone else’s feelings and set yourself aside.
  • Relational Guidelines #2 for sustaining Balance when relating to others.

Level 3: Resolving Values-Based Conflict

This is a 25-hour online training course. Making the Connection AND Level One are pre-requisites.


In Level Three, students leave the training (40 hours) knowing:

  • Determine what your Value priorities are and how to assess your values as they change over the years.
  • How to recognize the values challenges in a relationship and to develop a creative response that suits the dynamics of that particular relationship.
  • How to assess and solve the “right” problem that you may be having in a relationship, with a work colleague or a family member.
  • What your Priority values are and how Values based conflict differs from a difference of opinion or irritability.
  • How to express your feelings effectively despite conflict.
  • How to Escape the Fear Trap.

“This course is valuable to anyone in early recovery on a path of self learning. [It is] very informative and creates a lot of inner soul searching.”

– Doug H.


Questions about our Courses?

Note: All Relational Mastery Training programs begin with attendance at a 12-hour in-person or online course called “Introduction to Healthy Relationships”.

Every course is designed to accommodate men and women.  Every student learns skills that are transferable to all of their relationships.  During the course all personal information is confidential and no student is involved in revealing or discussing personal and ongoing relationships.

Meaning,  you can attend and be considering a separation; your personal situation will not be discussed in the course. You could be having serious workplace difficulties; your personal situation will not be apart of the skill learning.  You could be considering marriage, your personal decisions around any of your current relationships will not be the basis for the group learning.

All classes are limited to 18 participants, so every student receives considered personal attention in developing the skills needed to be effective in relating to all people they interact with.

What is experiential learning?

Learning by “doing”.  Throughout our courses, you will learn a skill and then put it to use in real life experience. You will be guided in how to be effective and learn from your own personal experiences, throughout the course.

Our experiential methodology is to PRACTICE  the skills you learn, first in the safety of guided group work. Then you will USE (U) the skills in real life, and apply it to your own life. Through your personal experience and developed effectiveness, you will be able to transfer the skills learned in a group setting,  to any of your life situations.  Relational Training programs you will show you how “one person can make a difference in any of your relationships”. It is not necessary to send all your family, friends and colleagues to training so you can all relate effectively.  You, with the skills you learn, practice and use, will, through your own modeling of relating effectively be teaching/showing others. 


Are the courses taught a form of “therapy”?

No. Through our Relational Health training the focus is always on the Here and Now. You learn skills to apply to your life today.  Use of the skills is often ‘therapeutic’. However, none of our courses are designed around analyzing the “past”, or looking back at previous life events.  Without a doubt some of our most harmful communication skills come from past relating and past hurts or trauma.  However, the focus on today, strengthens the development of skill that will break old patterns of relating.  Often students tell us, “ I did all my healing, and forgave the past”; however, I keep ending up in the same arguments, same dysfunction, same patterns of grief and discouragement.  Relational Health Training breaks those patterns by giving new skills that are effective and will keep you moving forward in the now.

Can you accommodate disabilities?

Yes.  You can sit, stand, rest in any position you need to create effective learning for yourself.  If you have specific needs which require greater assistance such as a sign language translator, we will work with you to be sure you will have an effective learning experience.  All of our course curriculums are taught to four ways of learning; oral, kinesthetic, visual and spatial understanding.


Do your courses carry a 100% money back guarantee?

See our refund and cancellation policies on our Booking page. In 30 years of delivering courses no one has ever asked for a refund after completing  their course!

Do you issue credits or other formal education certification?

Each person receives a certificate of completion at the end of our courses.


Learn more about Mary Pichette

Mary is highly regarded for her training, speaking and seminars. Past students are highly satisfied with her skills as a trainer and have had very successful outcomes in their own lives as a result of the training they received.

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