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Podcast 36 – How Do I Stop Being Co-Dependent?

Mary introduces the simple first steps of breaking the chains of co-dependence. She guides the listener through the very basic things that must be done so one can gain back their sense of self-worth, and begin to set themselves free of someone else’s pain, or someone else’s control, or someone else’s abuse.

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Podcast 35 – Co-Dependence and Addiction – Part Two

In this podcast, Mary talks about the “darker side of co-dependence” and how damaging it is to all of our relationships when we are entirely focused on rescuing and enabling an alcoholic, a drug addict, a gambler or a sex addict. Mary helps the listener to assess his/her own relationships if you are living with or helping to hide, the addiction of a friend or family member.

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Podcast 34 – What Is Co-Dependence?

Mary begins a four-part series on Co-Dependence and how it negatively affects our relationships. In Part One, Mary begins by asking: “What is co-dependence?”. She takes the listener through a dialogue that describes the telltale signs of whether or not your relationships are co-dependent.

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Podcast 33 – You Got Me Thinking About My Marriage

In this podcast, a listener asks the question, “Now that I’m married what do I do when my values are against divorce? I am ridiculously unhappy.” Mary agrees with the listener they are probably between a rock and a hard place, yet she gives valuable education on what questions the listener needs to ask herself, if she “wants” to stay ridiculously unhappy.

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Podcast 32 – More On God

Building on the dialogue of podcast 31, Mary brings together the skills of knowing ones “spiritual values” and what to do when they collide with other’s spiritual values. A listener asks what to do when someone is pushing them to go to church.

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Podcast 30 – My Boss Only Seems to Know How To Criticize – How Can I Teach Him Feedback?

Mary responds to a listener’s problem working with a very critical boss who does not know how to give effective feedback, leaving his employees feeling judged and de-valued. Her response is challenging, as she walks through the problem of working with or living with. people who do not have the skills to be helpful in developing strong relationships.

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Podcast 29 – Feedback: How To Receive Feedback

Mary focuses on the toughest part of the feedback skill by teaching the listener how to receive feedback without becoming defensive or lashing out, even when the feedback hurts us. As Mary stresses, feedback is a very complex skill that needs a lot of practice. Accepting others feedback often leads to a defensive reaction that hurts relationships and prevents further understanding. In this podcast, the listener is given the tools to work with so relationships can get stronger and grow.

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Podcast 28 – Feedback Part Two – Describing Behaviours

Mary continues to teach the skill of feedback, teaching how to describe behaviours, NOT ask WHY, while giving examples of how to effectively make ourselves understood. In this podcast, Mary emphasizes that when giving feedback it is so important to leave the door open for dialogue so our relationships can get stronger, and we can create greater understanding with our friend, partner, child, business associate or colleague.

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Podcast 27 – Introduction to Feedback

In this Podcast, Mary introduces one of the most complex skills we all need to learn to have healthy relationships. As she says, “feedback is one of the most difficult skills to master, and there are many layers to learn in order for one to be effective in giving and receiving feedback.” Feedback is NOT criticism; Mary gives very important insight into the differences between feedback and criticism.

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Podcast 25 – How Do I Start New Holiday Traditions?

Mary answers a listeners question on how to make for a good Christmas season when there is no family to celebrate – after a time of family break up. Mary gives information on how to create new traditions while explaining the importance of traditions in creating a sense of “belonging” and meeting a very important need in ourselves – to feel we belong and matter.

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Podcast 24 – I Feel Supported

Mary teaches the importance for each of us to daily let others know, in detail, what they “do” that supports us, and leaves us feeling cared for and valued. She points out that our failure to give this very important information often results in the listener not knowing his/her needs.

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Podcast 22 – Values Guide Our Choices – Part 2

In Podcast 21, Mary taught that Values guide our choices. She continues to offer skill development in how to be effective working with other’s values, while maintaining your own. You are encouraged to take a closer look at your individual values, and Mary brings many examples of the decisions you make that are influenced by your values.

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Podcast 21 – Values

A listener asks, “you talked about how values can guide us in having effective communication and creating understanding, please explain this in more depth.” Mary goes into considerable detail on how values affect our decision-making, and offers listeners the opportunity to talk to her personally about assessing and evaluating their own values.

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Podcast 15 – My Sister is Sad

Mary walks the listener through the many considerations one must have when trying to solve someone else’s sad feelings. Reminding us we cannot “make anyone” feel better; however, we can be a good friend, or sister, by simply “being” with someone while they sort out their own feelings.

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Podcast 9 – My Neighbour’s Kids

How many of us have neighbours or family whose children are constantly acting out?  As a result, we are desperate to “teach” them how to be better parents.  Mary’s answer is very challenging to this listener’s question.  Will she take up Mary’s challenge?

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